Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The "Grandpa" Cardigan

cardigan/trousers-J.Crew(similar here and here), shirt-Gap(similar here), flats-Dr. Scholls(similar here), necklace-Gifted from Lucky Feather.

I wore a version of this outfit featuring the same Grandpa-esque cardigan back in January, here. But, I feel this iteration is more on point. And, while it may seem a bit "easy" style-wise to pick a color from the sweater as a matching bottom, I just can't stress how much I LOVE a red pant, and feel that is really does pop with the rest of this look. These are some pre-pregnancy sized trousers made in a wool blend, that are way less prone to wrinkles then the pair recently seen in this post. Which brings up a very important point for serious outfitting--fabric quality. Sure, it's fun to rock some cheaper materials from fast fashion outlets, and that's way easier to pull off during the summer. But for fall and winter, the quality of fabric can really make or break a look. 

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