Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Ruffles Away!

blazer-Gap(similar here), shirt-Target(similarish here), cardi-J.Crew Factory(similar here), leggings-Forever 21, boots-Nine West(similar here)

This houndstooth-printed, ruffle bib shirt represents my mid-twenties style. Back then I was trying to be very business formal in my outfitting, going for the whole "dress for the job you want, not the job you have." Then I went to grad school for poetry and realized my creativity shouldn't just be restricted to the page, so I chucked a lot of my boring office pants and shirts, but kept this piece because it had a fun pattern. 

With shorter hair I feel that certain girly styles aren't seamlessly part of my wheelhouse, like there's a discordant feel to the overall ensemble when I don stereotypical feminine pieces. I'm not saying I CAN'T wear frilly frocks etc, but that there's a visual disconnect. By point is, this ruffly blouse would be something I usually shy away from in my current style, but the print and the colors DO speak to my present aesthetic. It comes down to a matter of styling, so instead of grey wide-legged trousers an red pumps(how I wore it in the past) it's boots, leather leggings, and over-sized toppers to bring this shirt into my edgy and androgynous mold. A true outfitter makes garments her own with styling, attitude, and thoughtfulness. 

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