Monday, June 6, 2016

Wrap Dress Tricks

dress-Johanne Beck via Le Tote, tunic-Mikkat Market(similarish here), belt-Gap(more belts here), flats-DSW(similar here), necklace-Banana Republic(similar here)

This wrap dress from Le Tote was a bit tight/revealing in the chest area, and while a camisole is my usual go-to for these types of #firstworldproblems there was still a bit more skin on display then I was comfortable with. Hence, this sheer tunic as a layering piece. I've been a fan of sheer layers for years (here) and it's a great trick to get the coverage you need, without the unnecessary bulk.  Another "trick" I employed with this look is the elastic belt. True, this wrap dress had its own tie (duh, it's a wrap dress) but, the belt helped defined the waist for an overall streamlined silhouette. 

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