Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Discovering Mango

No, this post is not about fruit, but the online retailer Mango which I've been browsing for almost a year. Last week I finally took the shopping plunge and scored some pieces from their current sale!

These jacquard suit trousers are going to be great this fall/winter. When shopping sales you have to think beyond the current season. The best deals are for off-season pieces. So while, this textured pair of pants would be disgusting during these hot and humid days, come holiday time they'll be chic and seasonally on the mark! 

This men's style knit wear is the perfect "third piece" for the rule of three outfitting strategy. And, unlike the pants above it can be worn regardless of the season. Well, most of the time... a long, sweater-vest for the height of summer is probably not a good idea.  BUT, for adding some structure and polish to a basic dress, or pants-and-shirt ensemble it's perfect for 10 out of 12 months!

This shirt, with it's side-slits, and long hem skews just "alternative" enough as the top of an interesting, without being odd, office outfit.  Plus I can't help but envision a long-sleeved strip tee underneath for a more casual vibe. 

All three pieces together would actually, be a super-chic outfit for just about any occasion. That's when you know you've got a good haul. Everything works individually and together!  

FYI: the blouse and gilet are from the Violeta section of the site, which is listed as "Plus Size" with lettered, as opposed to numbered sizes. I fit the XS/S range of their size guide, while I"m a solid medium/10 on the main site's fit chart.  There is SO MUCH you can read into this cross-section of measurements. Let me simply refer you to this recent piece from Refinery 29.  As a mid-sized woman myself, in this particular shopping environment I see this size-crossover as basically doubling my buying options, so yeah! 

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