Monday, January 4, 2016

My 1st Post-Baby Outfit!!!

blazer/tee-Uniqlo(similarish here and here), pants-J.Crew(similar here), loafers-G. H. Bass, bracelet-Jewel Mint, watch-Wenger(similar here) necklace-Gifted

When I got this outfit on and took a gander at myself in the full-length mirror I literally sang out, "Mama's Back!" As in, I finally had on an outfit, instead of just wearing clothes, or more specifically, I was dressed to go outside, as opposed to spending the day in  PJs/sweatpants, and my husband's undershirts. After several weeks in the post-baby haze of healing, sleeplessness, nursing, diapering, pumping, and crying I finally had a chance (and the energy) to put myself together and get out to enjoy the unseasonable warm December we had here in Pittsburgh.

This outfit is all repeats from posts here, here, and here, but who cares, because it's a fresh, flattering ensemble that really speaks to my personal style. You know I love me an ankle-length trouser and blazer combo. Here I'm utilizing wool, navy drawstring pants and a knitwear blazer for an easy, yet pulled-together look!

It's 2016 now, and winter is definitely here. I don't know how often I'll be posting during my maternity leave, but I hope to be able to keep the outfits going as much as possible.

And now for some far-away shots to see more of the background's coordination with the outfit.

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