Thursday, January 14, 2016

More Navy Stripes

cardi-Zara(similar here), dress-Old Navy(similar here), boots-Landsend, necklace-Banana Republic(similar here)

We've seen all of these pieces before. This dress I played around with "summer layers" in this post, for the office. Here I've done "fall layers" during the heat wave of December(crazy words, I know!), in a more casual mode.

I've been gravitating to navy a lot, post baby, as seen in this post, for two reasons: 1) I have pieces in this color that fit, and 2) even though I do like me some all black ensembles (seen here, here, and here) navy is a great color for this time of year and is a bit less dreary than head-to-toe black. Plus, it's an effect color, much like black, to help skim over my post-pregnancy curves as my body transitions* into it's next "state".  So, really I guess that's three reasons navy is a great hue at the moment.

*I'm trying very hard to have a positive, or at least neutral, attitude toward my body. I REALLY do not like the shape I'm in, and I'm trying to be realistic that it'll take time to regain the fitness level I had going before pregnancy. It's been a challenge since I'm naturally inclined to negative self-talk when it comes to my appearance and I REALLY miss the clothes in my pre-pregnancy size. My hope is that I'll be back to said size in time for spring and my collection of brightly cropped trousers will feel like new! 


  1. That necklace is wicked! And you have nothing to worry about size-wise, you are rocking those stripes!

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