Thursday, January 14, 2016

More Navy Stripes

cardi-Zara(similar here), dress-Old Navy(similar here), boots-Landsend, necklace-Banana Republic(similar here)

We've seen all of these pieces before. This dress I played around with "summer layers" in this post, for the office. Here I've done "fall layers" during the heat wave of December(crazy words, I know!), in a more casual mode.

I've been gravitating to navy a lot, post baby, as seen in this post, for two reasons: 1) I have pieces in this color that fit, and 2) even though I do like me some all black ensembles (seen here, here, and here) navy is a great color for this time of year and is a bit less dreary than head-to-toe black. Plus, it's an effect color, much like black, to help skim over my post-pregnancy curves as my body transitions* into it's next "state".  So, really I guess that's three reasons navy is a great hue at the moment.

*I'm trying very hard to have a positive, or at least neutral, attitude toward my body. I REALLY do not like the shape I'm in, and I'm trying to be realistic that it'll take time to regain the fitness level I had going before pregnancy. It's been a challenge since I'm naturally inclined to negative self-talk when it comes to my appearance and I REALLY miss the clothes in my pre-pregnancy size. My hope is that I'll be back to said size in time for spring and my collection of brightly cropped trousers will feel like new! 


Winter White (& Black)

dress-eShakti(similar here ), cardigan-Anthropolige(similar here ), scarf-J.Crew Factory(similarish here ), boots-Li...