Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Last Month

I am now officially 9 months pregnant! And the 9th month is a FULL month, both in that at the END of the 9th month is when the baby comes, and I'm feeling very "full". I've said to several friends that it feels like my body is in a vise's grip from tits-to-crotch. Not the most eloquent description, but extremely apt.

Here are my top 9 outfits, one each from the past 9 months, which I like to think show my body's progression, while maintaining my personal style aesthetic. Links to the original posts under each pic. 

 A classic for me, bright cropped pants, striped shirt, blazer, heels. I've worn variations of this outfit for, literally years. It suits me so well, and I think is still fresh and fun with the mix of colors.  And I'm pretty sure I didn't know yet I was prego at this point, still very early days.

This is from back in late April, when I DID know about my condition, hence the change in hair color, but not in outfitting. My body was fairly the same the first 12 weeks or so, which was great because I was able to maintain my regular outfitting routine. This look hits on so many personal favorite style points: plaid, pinstripes, suiting, preppy, androgynous, and my new haircut was pretty badass! 

From May, rocking out some plaid shorts from Uniqlo that I had ordered late winter and wanted to wear them while they still fit. Again, more plaid, and a very preppy vibe. 

Early June sporting an awesome top from Le Tote and doing my take on alternative suiting. The orange here is giving me LIFE! Again, was still able to wear most of my regular clothes. 

By July, I was starting to show and wearing more skirts, and dresses, as my beautiful, brightly colored cropped trousers were no longer fitting. Pants in general starting taking a back seat outfitting wise by this point, which made me explore my more ladylike style, as opposed to going my usual  preppy tomboy route. But, I still had a shout out to that boy with this clutch from Banana Republic

August, a shift dress from Le Tote that skimmed over my bump and garnished compliments galore. At this point, dresses were going strong, the less defined silhouette the better. 

In September I wore this to tour a potential day care. And I kept telling myself "I'm not like a regular mom, I'm a cool mom!" Still rocking regular/standard clothes, but having to get creative in the bottoms department with drawstrings and looser silhouettes. This very fun T-shirt was from ModCloth, thinking about it, I'm all for some tacos right now...  

October and maternity jeans form Old Navy had become my good-to for the weekends. I was still sporting my stripes here, and mixing in bright colors keeping that personal style going strong! 

Here, this month full-on fall-fabulous in a tweedy blazer, knee-high boots, and a dress from Le Tote Maternity. The thing I've been (luckily) able to do/say is that I'm not wearing anything I don't like, or wouldn't normally want to wear if I wasn't prego. Sure, I've played around with jumpsuits, ponchos, and capes, which aren't naturally in my style wheelhouse, BUT being the professional outfitter I am, I've made those "outside-the-box" type garments work for me. 

I now  have 26 days until I deliver. I still plan on wearing outfits up until that time and then will be taking a hiatus for most of December. I haven't yet decided if I'll feature/include my baby on the blog. I'm leaning toward not so much, but we shall see... 

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