Thursday, October 8, 2015

Going Deep in Beige & Black

blazer-Le Tote, tunic-Pavement, trousers-Gap, loafers-Zara(similar here), necklace-Etsy, rings-Jewel Mint, watch-Nixon via Urban Outfitters

More knitwear! Not only did this knit blazer save my life at work (for some reason the AC is still on...) but it also was that essential third piece for finishing off this basic top and pants outfit. In Pittsburgh you can't go wrong with black and beige, as it hints at black n' gold, aka a subtle way of supporting the teams. Mr. Keller was hit hard by last night's loss... but hey, now he can focus on football and hockey, fun! (That is a sarcastic use of an exclamation point FYI). 

A note about this tunic from Pavement (I love this store and can't wait to go back). I bought it in the spring opting for a larger size than I needed at that time with the intention of wearing it now in the 3rd trimester. What can I say I'm a planner. But it's been so weird during this pregnant-outfitting journey of thinking about clothes to "grown into". In the past I was thinking about clothes in regards to how much weight I needed to loss, or at what weight I needed to maintain. Like, I can't have carbs for two days if I want to wear that skirt. Or, I'll order that dress a size down because I've signed up for a boot camp and in a few weeks I'll have dropped the next five pounds.  

I'm not saying this was a body-positive outlook, by any means. Nor, can I predict I won't go back to this way of thinking post-baby. BUT, I will say that having to switch up my thinking due to this huge life change HAS put things into perspective. I don't know what exactly that perspective is at the moment, but there's definitely a re-angling going on. Does that make sense?

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