Monday, October 5, 2015

Awaiting Arrival

I've been trying to keep maternity clothing purchases to a functional minimum for two reasons. First, we're moving here this month, and already my wardrobe is going to be a major pain to pack up and move efficiently as it is, why keep adding to it, right? Plus, because I live and work in America where I've come to realize maternity leave sucks major b*lls, I need to get serious about budgeting out my remaining paychecks. With that being said, a stylish lady about town cannot live on maternity jeans alone, so I ordered some easy pieces on sale from Old Navy that should arrive sometime this week! 

None of these are "maternity" but are loose fitting, and will also be great this winter after the baby arrives. That plaid shirtdress in particular would be calling my name, pregnant or not. A great fall piece with tights, boots, and a blazer--right up my style alley, no?

Also, I can see myself living in this sleep shirt with leggings. The buttons are especially attractive, as I'm thinking easy access for nursing and it's lounge wear so who cares if it get's some stains aka baby puke on it. God, is this what my life will be? Sleep shirts, boob access, and puke... 

I'm not going to dwell on that, but instead will console myself with the arrival of these bad boys!! 

Of course, I do not NEED anymore shoes, BUT I got a gift card from Just Fab, which is all over Project Runway this season and decided to get some functional, yet super fun flats. And really, if you can bust out all the stops in your accessories game whilst prego, then what's the point, amiright?

Also, did anyone catch the double meaning of the post title? Awaiting "arrival" for online orders AND I'm expecting the "arrival" of a baby... get it?!  Well, I thought it was funny. 

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