Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Yay for Joggers

This semi-open back was great for some much needed ventilation this past weekend, it was a warm one out there. 

top-Le Tote, joggers-Anthropoloige(similar here), necklace-J.Crew Factory(similar here), ring-Jewel Mint flats-Old Navy(similar here)

You may recall from this post that drawstring pants were saving my life. Now, it's all about the joggers! Thank goodness I wound up prego during the current athleisure/casual pants trend. And by casual, I mean casually-waisted, if that's even a phrase. Drawstring pants, joggers, slim-fit sweatpants, and pull-on pants have become go-to's here this second trimester AND not just for weekends. I've been rocking some casual-esque silhouettes for the office and evening. It's all about styling and as an experience outfitter I have that down, duh!

Here, I AM wearing joggers for the weekend, Sunday morning coffee and errands to be precise. The top from Le Tote features an open back to catch the breeze, while the necklace plays off the boho print of the pants. All and all, a solid, flattering, and comfy outfit. Keeping my fingers crossed that these joggers continue to fit for the next couple of months. I'm not holding out any hope for month 9, I'm preparing for the worst - tent dresses and Mr. Keller's underwear - but, hoping for the best - can still wear regular "loose-style" clothes! 

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