Monday, September 21, 2015

Full Frontal... Not the Fun Kind

We are now at the beginning of the end. That's right the 3rd trimester and I have made some discoveries about maternity wear. First off, this is all about personal preference and individual body/bump type. Yes, there are different types of bumps, just like there are different body types and this becomes extremely apparent when shopping for/trying on maternity bottoms. I ordered these black jeans at month 4. 

Side-Panel View

You can see in the close-up that the front pockets have been replace by stretchy side panels to accommodate the growing abdomen. I wore these jeans several times and found them to be quite functional. However, now they are starting to get a bit tight...

These "low-slung" shorts were also ordered around month 4 and I've been wearing them throughout the summer. They are still very comfortable and getting some use even now in September(check back tomorrow for that post...).  They also have the panels set along the side-seams in addition to a lower waist that works for a easy fit. 

With the crew jeans working well for me I then ordered these trousers for the office. They were back-ordered and I got them right before the start of month seven. 


Again, here's the close-up on the side panel in lieu of front pockets. The material and quality of these pants was definitely the level I've come to appreciate and expect from J.Crew, however the side panel party is OVER for me... You can read my review on J.Crew's site here

So, I turned to my second choice for maternity pants and picked up this basic, black pair. 

Full Panel

Yep, this is a no-holds-bar, over-the-belly, full-panel situation! With the way my bump is positioned and how I'm carrying it's full panel all the way from now on. And with that in mind I'm currently awaiting the arrival of this pair of maternity jeans:

Even though I love shopping and new clothes I really don't want to purchase a whole new wardrobe, for obvious budgetary reasons, but also because I'm just not as excited about the maternity options out there. Sure, there a some really cute pieces, but the majority of affordable fare on offer is kind of boring/not ringing my bell/not my personal style. This means you'll definitely be seeing a lot of repeat pieces in the next three months, which will be a fun challenge style wise. 

And if any ladies(or anyone really) out there have leads on affordable, cool, bad-ass maternity wear let me know in the comments. 


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    1. HI Jr. Williams. I just used a template from Blogspot, and of course have a very good photographer in my husband. But these images I just got from the product page from each retailer's site.


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