Friday, July 11, 2014

Year of No Shopping Update

Last August I made the announcement that I was giving up shopping for one full calender year.  Here's the original post.  Well we are coming down to the end of that year on August 1st!!!!  20 days away!!!

It has not been easy, as shopping has been one of my favorite hobbies for years. And let's face it, I'm kind of obsessed with clothes and as a avid reader of other style blogs, fashion magazines etc. it was really hard not to have the freedom to order/pick-up the latest must-have item. But, beyond the temptations what I found so refreshing was that I was way less agonized about my weight/body. In times past, I'd order a dress or pair of trousers (sometimes in more than 1 size) and then freight about the fit while waiting for delivery.  Then, when they'd arrive, if the garments were tight or ill-fitting it made me feel bad about myself. Even though I KNOW it was the clothes not me that wasn't working.  So, not having that feeling has been a relief and something I hope to keep with me when I return to shopping.

However, I must be completely honest. I did cave once or twice and made some online purchases in moments of weakness. Okay, more like five times, but I'll have you know that I ended up returning a few pieces after a very stern talk with myself. 

Also, I would have never been able to keep my resolve it if wasn't for services like Le Tote and Rent the Runway they helped me feed my craving for new and pretty things while maintaining my "fast". 

Be on the lookout for another BIG announcement next week! 

Here's to a great weekend full of great outfits! Cheers!

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