Monday, July 21, 2014

Blue Stripes & Blue Doors

top-Old Navy(sort of similar here), pants-Gap(some cropped options here), heels-Target(sort of similar here), necklace-Urban Outfitters(an awesome option here), ring/bracelet-Gifted

Last time we shot at this location, it was purely by chance that these blue doors coordinated with the outfit. This time it was by design to have the background and outfit mirror each other. We're smart like that. In this look I just played up the stripes in both the top and these seersucker crops. Seersucker in the summer is an obvious choice and I don't think there's anything revolutionary going on in this outfit, but it's more about having that graphic quality in the stripes and creating an overall crisp look.  


  1. Love the graphic mix of stripes....and of course, my summer love, seersucker. Nice:)

    1. Thanks! Can't go wrong with seersucker in my opinion.


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