Monday, July 1, 2013

Ladylike Neutrals

I don't know if this bag is vintage, but it sure feels like it.
blouse-Le Tote, skirt-Mikkat Market(similar here), heels-Banana Republic(similar here), belt/bag-Thrifted, necklace-Gifted, ring-Vintage, sunnies-Ralph Lauren(similar here

I hit the holy trinity of outfit blogging--Thrifted, Vintage, and Designer all in one look! I'm also pretty proud of how feminine this look is.  My friend over at Clothes Karma pointed out to me recently that I really do androgyny well, which is something she feels she can't pull off.  I admitted to her that I can't pull off overtly fem/frilly looks.  But what do you know, here I am with some ruffles and lace! Seriously though, this works because the palette is neutral and the accessories are basic.  If this were in bright colors or mixed patterns with a bunch of statement pieces I'd be in costume territory for sures. 

So today's lesson is: Don't completely disregard a type of style/aesthetic/trend.  Think about subtle ways you can play with it/incorporate it into an overall look. Like in relationships, some outfits needs points of compromise. 

My self-help book "Healthy Living through Outfitting" will be available in bookstores this fall. :) I wish...

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