Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lunch Break and My Lecture on August 3rd

This week I am a guest on Act Classy's podcast Lunch Break hosted by Brad Stephenson and Joe Lyons to promote my upcoming lecture at the Carnegie Library!  Yes, that's correct I am giving a styling seminar on August 3rd in the Quiet Reading Room of the Main Branch in Oakland from 3-5. This event is free and open to the public, and there's no need to register.  Check it out on the events page here.  And check out my amazing interview here

Since I'm such a well-mannered lady I brought lunch as a thank you:

Ceviche Burritos! Of course Brad doesn't like shrimp so he had a turkey sandwich.
And since I was on the podcast to promote my Fashion Lecture next month I had to critique their outfits:
Actually, they were just wearing clothes and it was NOT pretty.
I let Brad in on a blogger secret, Sunglasses!
These shoes are horrible
Joe enjoys posing. At least he's wearing something with graphic interest in his polo.
I would have gone with a more fun sneaker.
Overall, these two "outfits"(I use that word VERY loosely) represent the standard Male no-thought casual look. Jeans, comfortable shoes and either a T-shirt or Polo.  Needless to say these are examples of what NOT to do. This lack of intention in getting one's self dressed makes me sad.  But hey, not everyone can be as fabulous as myself on a Tuesday.  I would like to provide a challenge out there to the men-folk, how about every once in a while(and not on special occasions like a wedding or anniversary, but truly random days of the week) take a few minutes to think/consider how you're dressing yourself.  Maybe even, God Forbid, tuck-in your shirt.  Crap, now I'm sounding like my mother. Anyway, the important thing is that I'm giving a styling lecture on August 3rd at the Carnegie Library in Oakland, details here.  For those of you who are friends with me on the FB look out for the event invite. 

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