Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Black, White, & Grey Officewear

button-down-H&M(similar here), shirt-Banana Republic(similar here), trousers-J.Crew(similar here), loafers-Zara(similar here), necklace-Anthropologie(similar here)

This week I've been on a black n' white office wear kick as seen in this post from Monday. Also seems I'm very much feeling mixed textures with this lace top and fabric necklace. I've paired this top with patterned button-downs before,seen here. This time around I've switched the polka dots for a menswear-esque windowpane shirt, by adding these looser trousers and loafers I've got a nice little androgynous outfit going! 

I COULD get all philosophical on you and speak to the nature of lace as a "mysterious" textile that reveals,while it also alludes, which is mirrored by the chain link background. You can SEE what's beyond but there's a barrier that restricts access... very heady I know! 

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