Thursday, February 18, 2016


My maternity leave is shortly coming to an end... :( And while I'm excited to be "returning to the world" I'm also dreading being away from my baby... So I'm consoling myself with organizing her clothes and prepping her outfits for the first week. 

Day One: Pure & precious with a ducks-and-turtles one-piece with matching hoodie. Is it a mistake to dress a 3-month old baby in all white for her first day of nursery care with a bunch of other slobbery, snotty babies? Probably, but I want her to make a good first impression. 

Second Day: Separates! This is one of her more "frou frou" looks with the hearts and purple. I really love her little pants with their apres ski-ready pattern, and it's hard to see but that onesie is striped, so we have print-mixing! 

Day Three: Another one piece, this time with a bit more of a "grown-up" print. 

Scandinavian-esque Birds to mix things up. 

Day Four & Five: I'm going to guess that by week's end we'll both be a bit "over it" so, I'm planning on keeping it simple--one pieces with footsies, no need for socks or jackets, or vests. But we're going to keep the "bird" theme going and close out the week strong with purple penguins! 

All these pieces, except for Day Three are Carter's from Babies R' Us, and Target. The day three one piece was a gift Hanna Andersson

Now, I have to think about MY week of back-to-work outfits! I may need to put some ideas to a vote... We shall see... 

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