Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Summer Time Buys

Awaiting the arrival of the following items with giddy anticipation!!!

Went back and forth on whether to get the black or the blue, decided on the black, as I can see this finding it's way in the fall with a turtleneck and boots. Also, the lovely piece has side-ties to adjust the fit!

I'm usually not a fan "spelling out" my style so to speak, but I just couldn't resist the humor of this clutch. I plan on having it be my summer  go-to going-out bag!

Besides the top two purchase I've been eyeballs deep in an ongoing search for THE white blazer to complete my summer style. 

The trouble I'm having is finding non-linen options. Yes, linen is great for summer, but the wrinkle factor is just too much for my busy schedule. Plus, ideally, I'd like a piece that can be worn into fall, and possibly later winter/early spring aka sprinter of next year. Plus, I'm coming across a lot of whackadoo silhouettes, or draped options, again looking for a piece to see me beyond summer. 

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