Friday, December 12, 2014

Post-Christmas Wish List

Every Christmas Mr. Keller and I share our Amazon wishlists to order from for our gifts to each other. I've also started doing this with my mother and have directed people towards my Pinterest board Things I Crave. I keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best, which I know sounds materialistic, but there's nothing worse then getting a crap gift that you can't use instead of something you really want and have use for in your life, am I right? Of course I am! (On a side-note: another gifting nightmare is when you get something BUTT-ugly from some one and they tell you that they saw it in the store as immediately thought of you.... thanks!)

Even though I do share/advertise to my family and friends my preferred gift options I also have a "behind-the-scenes" list of items I plan on buying during the post-Christmas sales with any money I may have been gifted in lieu of a present.  FYI: money is always a good gift AND let's one put an  exact value on a relationship :).  Anyway here are some items I'm scoping out for December 26th-January 1st.

The Paperback from Moop

I'm in need of new day-bag for work. My current carryall is starting to breakdown. It needs to be big enough for my lunch, books, make-up case, and a pair of heels now that we're in Winter and boots are a must for the daily commute. At $169 this is a bit more than I've spent in the past, but if it can hold up for more than a year it'll be worth it. Plus, with my family $100 is the gift-giving ceiling. 

Frock from Mimu Maxi

You may recall my love of Mimu Maxi's skirt leggings from this post. I'm also eyeing this simple-chic dress, which at $56 is very reasonable and I can see this becoming a go-to piece during the dark days of winter when I want to be comfortable, yet still polished. 

Sweatpants from Anthropologie

These sweatpants are kind of insane at $98, as with the dress above, they could easily become a default pair of pants during the cold months to come, while also still be chic and a little "dressy" as my mother would say.  OMG, outfitting epiphany!!! Pair the dress with the sweatpants for evenings out on the town!!!! Right, that would no only be a sophisticated as f*ck outfit, but also super-warm and comfy. I am and outfitting genius! 

Also legwarmers, definitely in the market for a couple of new pairs. 

You may recall how I rocked a pair last spring here

So that's my current post-holiday shopping list, day-bag, smock dress, velvety sweatpants, and legwarmers--sounds like I'll be having a chic and cozy winter.

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