Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sheer Studded Leather

Not only is this collar detachable and leather, but also perforated, which plays off the sheer dress and mesh shoes. 

Yeah, my hair is kind of all over the place this week, this was the result of a dry shampoo experiment. Hair appointment set for next Wednesday! 

How cool is this overlay and these loafers together?!

dress-Mikkat Market(more options here), collar-Asos(sort of but not really similar here), loafers-Sole Society, cuff-Vintage

This post title might be misleading in that I have leather material that is sheer and studded, but no, this outfit simply incorporates all three elements. I wanted to give this ethereal dress some edge, it kind of already had it since there's boning up in that overlay to give it some structure. I also liked the idea of continuing the sheerness into the shoes with these mesh loafers. You may argue that this outfit would have been better served by a heeled, more strappy shoe and would have created a more flattering silhouette on yours truly, but I think this look is more about contrasting hard and soft to create an edgy/alternative unexpectedly appropriate office/dressy ensemble for late-ish summer.  There's a lot of slash in that sentence, but you know what I mean, right?  

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