Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sweater Styling

A hint of teal to accent all this yellow. 

Now, we're going to get into other ways to wear this sweater...

As a shrug. This way I can show off the tailored details of this dress and still keep my arms from freezing in the office AC. 

If you arrange the back a bit, it becomes a shrug with a "cutout"

For years I felt wrapping outer layers around one's waist was so tacky. And it is when you're 11 walking around a hot mall with you Dad who refuses to carry your coat and instead ties it around your waist creating big puffy hips.... But here, not only is this a practical move when going outside on a hot day, it also can act as a sash to cinch the waist a bit. 

You can also create an overlapping/angled skirt effect by tying the sweater sideways. However, this might come off a little too "home craft project" so take this styling idea with a grain of salt.  

dress/sweatear-J.crew Factory(similar here and here), necklace/ring-Jewel Mint, bracelet-Cookie Lee, heels-Banana Republic(similar here), sunnies-Ralph Lauren(similar here)

Regardless of the sweater styling option this outfit is a fun take on monochromatic dressing. Normally when you think of a monochromatic outfit neutrals spring to mind, but here I took the idea of wearing all one color and turned up the volume with a sunny yellow.  

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