Monday, May 12, 2014

Comfy Pants

vest-Old Navy(similar here), top-Le Tote, pants-Uniqlo(similar here), necklace-Cookie Lee 

Features like casual and comfy can often lead to sloppy, which is the antithesis of outfitting in my opinion. Unless of course it's an intentional sloppiness that's going for a slouchy/drapey effect.  But, here I feel that even though I'm sporting drawstring pants and flip flops I'm still wearing an outfit. Why, you may ask? Well, first there's thought behind the choosing of these pieces. I mean does anyone NEED to functionally wear a denim vest? Also, having accessories ensures you're on the outfitting path. And also, I felt this was appropriate for the time of day and setting, which was early Saturday morning before hopping in the car for a quick road trip to DC. So yes, outfitting and comfort can go hand in hand.  

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