Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Layer Game

In case you weren't aware, it's Winter folks! Snow, wind, freezing temps are in full effect, and now layering up is a must to survive the season. So, hello tights under leggings, underpants, over doubled-up socks! AND since it's so blistery cold and dark, it's been difficult to shoot outfit pics, so I'm highlighting some of my favorite layered looks over the years! (links to original posts highlighted)

Here it's tights under jeans, which you can't see, but trust they are there. Also, unseen is the long-sleeved tee under the button-up, that's under the sweater. Scarf, coat, and sneakers finish this casual winter-tine look!

Here, no tights, as these wool jodhpurs are lined and more fabric creates unwanted static. Material type is an important factor when laying, static cling and discomfort are just two of the unwanted outcomes of unfriendly fabrics rubbing together. I also have a jacket underneath my overcoat, and of course a scarf. 

Here, leggings and button-up under a sweater dress. As with many aspects of outfitting, layering works best when balanced. You need to mix and match not just fabrics that work well together, but also tighter-fitting garments under looser, less fitted pieces. This sweater dress is free-flowing, while the leggings are tighter, duh they're leggings!

Intense layer game happening here. There's a button-up (and tights) under a shift dress, then a blazer, topped by an insulated vest. Having a coat would have been too bulky, but swap the blazer for a cardi and heavier outwear would work. 

This is how you wear a skirt in winter. Here, I'm sporting legwarmers, in addition to tights. Button-down under a sweater, then a puffer jacket and you're ready to hit the street!

During a temperate period from last winter, here I'm sneakily sporting leggings UNDER these loose pants. Again, mixing and matching fitted with baggier pieces will keep your layers from becoming too bulky. You want to be able to move, even if you'd rather not get off the couch at all during winter. 

And, here is an oversized blazer as outwear, with a chunky cardi and scarf. Again TIGHTS, and a cami under this dress as a base layer. 

You don't have to sacrifice style when dressing for the weather, as I've adequately shown above. Just be mindful of fabric and fit when putting together your layers. Also, fleece-lined leggings and socks are lifesavers. Tights can go under just about everything. And, keeping your feet warm and dry makes all the difference. Of courses, when it gets RIDIC you have the option of snow pants!

Ain't no shame in busting out the big guns. Now, if I could just find a remedy for my very chapped lips. Any suggestions? FYI, I've tried EOS and Burt's Bees chapstick to no avail. 

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